Don't Let a Broken Pool Cue Stop Your Fun

Don't Let a Broken Pool Cue Stop Your Fun

We provide pool table and cue repair in Bangor, ME

No matter how good of a pool player you are, a broken pool cue can throw anyone off their game. Rack City in Bangor, ME provides pool table and pool cue repair services to get you back in the game. We can repair table pockets, fix ripped felt and mend broken cue sticks.

Do you need custom pool table repair services? Call 207-573-1899 to see what we can do for you.

Shoot it to 'em straight

Discover the difference a good cue stick can make in your pool game. Rack City has years of experience working on custom pool tables and cue sticks. Turn to our professionals for:

  • Pool table repair
  • Pool cue repair
  • Cue tip repair

We can provide all pool cue repair services in-house when you come in to play. Stop by today for a friendly game and a cold beer.