Quiet That Grumbling in Your Stomach

Grab a bite from our restaurant in Bangor, ME

If your family craving pizza and wings? Are you trying to impress your first date with great food and your pool skills without breaking the bank? If so, join us at Rack City in Bangor, ME. We're a restaurant serving fresh and delicious local food.

We're a step ahead of your typical bar food. You can eat your meal knowing it's been made fresh and not just popped in a microwave like a lot of bar food.

Call 207-573-1899 today ask about our menu.

Far better than regular bar food

Far better than regular bar food

If you're craving bar food that exceeds the standard, Rack City is the restaurant to visit. Join us today for local food like:

  • Hot, fresh and delicious pizza
  • Fan-favorite wings
  • A large salad selection
  • Steak and cheese sandwiches
  • Burgers and wraps
  • JalapeƱo poppers and nachos
  • Chocolate cheese bites
  • Mozzarella sticks

Grab a plate of your favorite food next time you're in the Bangor, ME area.